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An online self-paced program focused on the long term relationship with your child, rather

An online self-paced program

that enables you to be a positive role model for your child

An online self-paced program focused on the long term relationship with your child, rather

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Our program offers you a sustainable solution to each of these challenges & desires you have

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Why go through this program? 

At the end of your life, looking back, what will matter most to you as a parent?

This program is ideal if you have a child between 5 and 12 years old but beneficial to parents with children of all ages

What will you gain as a result of this program?

You will empower your child to feel confident in their abilities, unconditionally cared for and able to lead their own lives

Communicate and act in a healthier way with your child

Stronger and less conflictual relationships with your child and those you love most

Have the tools to better cope with difficult situations with your child when you get triggered

Feeling happier, calmer and more grounded and less stressed and overhwelmed

Break old patterns and develop healthier ways of dealing with your emotions

The most prominent research on wellbeing, the child-parent relationship & sustainable change condensed and delivered to you in a bite-sized easy to understand & apply format


About Nour Azhari 
M.A Clinical Psychology, Columbia University


Hello! My name is Nour, founder of Better for My Child and coach & trainer on the topics of Identity, Resilience & Mental Well-being. 
My passion lies in studying what hinders and what promotes human flourishing and equipping people with the research-based tools to nurture their well-being and that of those they love.
Growing up, I witnessed loved ones living overwhelmed by feelings of fear, self-doubt, anxiety, frustration, emotional numbness etc. In parallel, I also had my struggles in adolescence. These personal experiences have allowed me to get a taste of what living consumed by our self-sabotaging patterns can do to us and our surroundings. That's how I began my journey in the field of human well-being years ago. 

Today, one of the most rewarding ways I contribute to the field is by supporting parents like you to show up as positive role models so that you can lead an authentic and meaningful life while helping your children learn to do the same. 

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No Credit Card Required

before the third lesson!

A resource you can always come back to! 

What does the program look like?

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You will go through the modules of the program through an easy-to-use platform, at your own pace!



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Why is this program so important?

Contrary to common misconception, healthy parenting does not come naturally. It's a process we learn, and there shouldn't be any shame about that. In fact, going through a research-based training is the most meaningful act of love you can make to yourself and your child. 

Did you have a time as a child when you wished your parents had gone through a parenting training? Or how many people do you know who did? 

It's human nature not to take action until things get bad or until we notice things are bad. 

Let's do things differently. For ourselves, our children, and our society as a whole.


Let's put the science of human well-being at the center of our actions. Because at the end of the day, this is what matters most to all of us. 


Every child is different, every parent is different, but our fundamental core needs and processes are the same.

A small investment of your time right now can have a significant positive ripple effect in your life and your children's lives well into the future.

Curriculumof the program

Program outline

You can go through our program anytime, anywhere and at your own pace

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  • What if my child has a mental health issue?
    If you believe your child is struggling with mental health issues, I would recommend speaking to a clinical psychologist or counselor about that in order to get personalized professional help. Similarly, if you are struggling with a mental health problem, I would recommend doing the same. This program is not at all a form of mental health treatment. This program is about empowering you to create an early environment for your child to nurture their wellbeing and to enable them to develop the internal resources they need to thrive in their lives.
  • Is this program still relevant if my child has a neurodiversity such as ADHD or something else?
    Definitely! Although this program is not specific to parents with neurodivergent children, this program is about equipping you to nurture you and your children's core needs, which we all have, regardless of the extent to which we are neurodivergent. However, if you are looking for specific support on an issue related to your child's neurodiversity, I would recommend contacting a professional specializing in this matter.
  • How long will this program take?
    This program is completely self-paced, so it is up to you! That being said, I recommend going through it in about 4 weeks. This seems to be the optimal time to assimilate the material and practice the new skills you will be learning. This is a lifelong journey, and this program is a stepping stone into a more empowered and intentional version of yourself.
  • How do I know this training is for me?
    If you are the parent of a child between 5-12 and are committed to their mental wellbeing, then this program is for you! Note: You will benefit from this program regardless of the age of your child
  • How old should my child be for this training to be useful?
    Whether your child is in infancy, childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, this program will, without a doubt, have a meaningful impact on your lives. How is that possible? Because the program equips you with the science-based skills to show up as a conscious and positive role model, regardless of your children's ages. It helps you understand and apply the science of human wellbeing in your day-to-day. And this science is relevant to you and your children, regardless of their ages. Other programs target parents with children of specific ages because they focus on the behaviors of children and equip parents with what I would call 'quick fixes'. This program takes an entirely different approach. It helps you understand what is at the root of your and your children's challenges, what is in YOUR control as a parent and gives you the tools to apply all of this. The result? A more fulfilled you, more resilient and fulfilled children, and a more peaceful home.
  • How will this training help me?
    This training will help in two ways. First, it will equip you with the scientific knowledge and tools we have in the field about what your child needs to thrive in their lives and how you can create this nurturing environment. Second, and even more crucial, this training will help you start the process of letting go of your self-sabotaging patterns (don’t worry, we all have them!) that could have otherwise harmed your child, and form more empowering beliefs in order to truly enable you to be the parent you want to be, all while improving your happiness and well-being in the process.
  • Shouldn't I naturally know how to parent in a healthy way without having to go through a program?
    It’s completely normal that you don’t have the answers from the start. It’s hard enough to take care of one’s mental wellbeing. Without the proper education and training you cannot be expected to also know how you can nurture your child’s wellbeing. The notion that healthy parenting comes naturally is a myth that comes from traditional parenting beliefs. But it’s absolutely not true. What comes naturally is parenting through one’s fears. And that’s normal, because parenting activates your stress and stress activates the survival part of your brain where all your negative beliefs lie and are ready to be activated. There’s nothing to feel guilty about, that’s just human nature. But that’s why it’s so important you equip yourself to become an intentional parent, because this is a process that is learned.
  • What's the format of the program and what is included?
    The program is made up of 45+ short videos that you can stream to your phone, computer, TV or any device as long as you have an internet connection. Most videos are 2 to 5 minutes long to make sure that you are able to integrate it in your busy lifestyle. Videos are filled with insights, real-life examples, techniques, exercises, home practices, so that each video provides you with as much value as possible for as little time as possible. At the beginning of the program, you will also be given a fillable workbook for you to download or print. This is the one place you can go to anytime I ask you to go through an exercise, technique or practice. You can also use this workbook as a personal journal to write down your thoughts and questions you may have as you go through the program. At the end of the program, you will also be able to download 10+ audio practice recordings I have prepared for you to continue your journey outside of the program. You will also have access to an exclusive private community where you can connect with other parents on the same journey as you and ask questions related to the content of the program.
  • How long will I have access to the program after I purchase it?
    You will have lifetime access to the program, so you can go through it as many times as you’d like! That also means that new bonuses or new videos that are added to the program in the future you will have direct access to for no additional cost! You will also continue to have access to the private community indefinitely!
  • Do I have to go through the program in any particular order?
    Yes, this program is designed to be watched in order, as the content and skills you will learn build on each other. That being said, you can always jump back and watch any lesson you want to review again. You just cannot jump ahead!
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