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Unlock your inner wisdom to be the parent you have always wanted to be

The essential journey to nurturing your child’s long-term happiness and emotional well-being.

What makes this program different from all the others?
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Rooted in scientific research

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Tackles the root-level elements affecting your child’s mental well-being, rather than the symptoms

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Focuses on your long-term happiness and self-empowerment as a parent

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Designed to create long-lasting positive change, rather than short-lived improvements

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100% online and self-paced to fit your busy schedule

Who is Nour Azhari?

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Hello! My name is Nour Azhari. I am a certified Mental Well-being Coach, Educator & Trainer and hold an M.A in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. 


I created the Better For My Child program to empower every parent of a young child and parent-to-be to be better equipped at nurturing their wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of their child. I want you to be able to show up as your best self so that you can feel confident that you are empowering your child to thrive in their lives.

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