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Show up as a positive role model to nurture your child's long-term wellbeing


(First 2 lessons - Limited offer)

The most prominent research on wellbeing, the child-parent relationship & sustainable change condensed and delivered to you in a bite-sized easy to understand & apply format

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About Nour Azhari 
M.A Clinical Psychology, Columbia University


Hello! My name is Nour, founder of Better for My Child and coach & trainer on the topics of Identity, Resilience & Mental Well-being.
My passion lies in studying what hinders and what promotes human flourishing and equipping people with the research-based tools to nurture their well-being and that of those they love.

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Program outline

Module 1: Building blocks to you and your child's psychological resilience, healthy sense of identity and mental well-being Module 2: How to enable your child to meet their emotional needs Module 3: How to enable your child to develop a healthy emotion regulation strategy Module 4: Step-by-step process to support you with specific challenges: Conflicts with family members, your child acting out, losing your temper, etc. Module 5: Maintaining the new patterns and habits you have began forming Bonus: Downloadable recordings in one place

You can go through our program anytime, anywhere and at your own pace

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