Learn how you can nurture your child's healthy sense of identity, mental resilience and emotional well-being

An online self-paced program focused on the long term of your relationship with your child, rather than quick fixes for the short term


Does one or more of the following resonate with you?

  • You sometimes find yourself acting with your child in ways you feel guilty about

  • Your child often acts out in impulsive ways, gets overwhelmed with emotion or withdraws and you don’t know how to best support them

  • You often feel stressed, frustrated, worried or unfulfilled

  • You want to be a positive role model for your child and want a research-based way to go about it

  • You recognize some negative patterns you have and want tools to break them 

  • You don’t have as strong and healthy of a relationship with your child as you would have liked

Why go through this program? 

What makes this program different from all the others? 

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Rooted in scientific research

Tackles the root-level elements of you and your child's well-being, rather than the symptoms

Focuses on your long-term happiness and self-empowerment as a parent

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Designed to create long-lasting positive change, rather than short-lived improvements

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100% online and self-paced to fit your busy schedule

What will you gain as a result of this program?

  • You will empower your child to feel confident in their abilities, unconditionally cared for and able to lead their own lives

  • Communicate and act in a healthier way with your child

  • Stronger and less conflictual relationships with your child and those you love most

  • Have the tools to better cope with difficult situations with your child when you get triggered

  • Feeling happier, calmer and more grounded and less stressed and overhwelmed

  • Break old patterns and develop healthier ways of dealing with your emotions


About Nour Azhari 
M.A Clinical Psychology, Columbia University


Hello! My name is Nour Azhari. I am a certified Mental Well-being Coach, Educator & Trainer, and founder of Better For My Child.  

My professional journey in this field started while I was doing my Masters in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, after which I worked for a couple of years at their Psychiatric Center. It is during this time, when I spoke to hundreds of people with mental health issues, that I began noticing patterns in the underlying root cause of their suffering. Whatever the person was struggling with, they had a self-sabotaging lens through which they were perceiving and interacting with their reality, and underlying that was a person that was not able to develop all the crucial internal resources one needs.

When I then pivoted to working with clients who were not suffering from diagnosable mental health problems, but who were unhappy or unfulfilled in one or more areas of their lives, I noticed that the underlying problem was exactly the same. Even more interesting, in almost all cases, this had to do with the person’s early environment as a child, mostly their relationships with their parents or other significant figures in their lives, or the culture and social environment they grew up in. 

As I was reflecting on my mission, I realized that the most meaningful and effective way I could tackle these 2 issues I am so passionate about is by working directly with parents, you, to enable you to nurture you and your child’s wellbeing.

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What do parents and mental well-being profesionnals think about this program?

 Maya, Parent 

”This course is very useful for any parent who is dedicated to self improvement and growth. You have to be open minded and able to see yourself honestly, you have to decide to be vulnerable without judging yourself. If you do so, you will learn a lot and be not just a better parent, but a better person. ”

 Shruti Garyali, Parent 


”I truly believe that this is a very important and much-needed guide for parents in today’s time. With the overwhelming amount of information available online and offline, it can be mind boggling for parents to take an action.This course, with its simple, clear and in-depth information, cuts through all that information overload and presents the important points in an easy to digest manner. The resources provided with the course are comprehensive and action-oriented. The exercises, worksheets and meditations incorporated into the course enable the participants to move from theory to real life practice.“

 Liv Miyagawa, Parent & Parent Coach 


”This course is for parents who genuinely care about their child’s emotional well-being and long-term success and happiness in life. Soundly based on research, Nour Azhari goes through the major factors that will shape how emotionally fit your child will grow up to be. The mix of informative videos, guided meditations and visualization, and worksheets makes this course interesting for parents with various learning styles. After completing this course and its exercises, you will have figured out, not just what kind of parenting styles you will want to strive for, but also why and how to apply this to your own situation with your children. An informative, important and interesting course!”

Tiffany Purn, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator 

"Nour helps you navigate the challenging territory of parenting by offering strategies and solutions for improving your child's happiness and resilience, your relationship with your child, as well as your relationship with yourself. Her work is research-based, clear, and delivered with heart."

 Michael M., Psychologist 


"If you are a parent of a young person, or an expectant parent, this program is invaluable. This program is designed by a multi-cultural, educated, thoughtful team and its well-roundedness is persistent throughout. Parents who want evidence-based parenting advice that is condensed down to bite-sized pieces will find this program to be a Godsend. As a parent-to-be, I found this knowledge to be a bright, engaging, guiding light in the forest of dull, unhelpful parenting books. Highly recommend!"

 Cherie The Parent Coach 

"Better for my child program is an extensive and informative program that would support parents by allowing them to reflect on, understand and develop the effect of their self-beliefs on their parenting. The combination of information, videos, mindfulness and visualisation exercises, quizzes, tools and reflection exercises creates an exciting and engaging program. It would be beneficial to any parent that wants to understand and implement parenting that nurtures and develops their own and their child's mental wellbeing."


Nahaal Binazir,
Psy.D., Clinician, Mental Health Consultant with Child/Adolescent Specialty

Why is this program so important?

Contrary to common misconception, healthy parenting does not come naturally. It's a process we learn, and there shouldn't be any shame about that. In fact, going through a research-based training is the most meaningful act of love you can make to yourself and your child. 

Did you have a time as a child when you wished your parents had gone through a parenting training? Or how many people do you know who did? 

It's human nature not to take action until things get bad or until we notice things are bad. 

Let's do things differently. For ourselves, our children, and our society as a whole.


Let's put the science of human well-being at the center of our actions. Because at the end of the day, this is what matters most to all of us. 


Every child is different, every parent is different, but our fundamental core needs and processes are the same.

A small investment of your time right now can have a significant positive ripple effect in your life and your children's lives well into the future.


Curriculum of the program

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